At Libertas Academy, we offer an environment where your child is free to learn!  We believe that school is important not only because of the information imparted, but because it provides a context by which children are able to grow in knowledge, analytical ability, and the enjoyment of learning.  We believe the best way to accomplish this are by working with, and for parents,  providing an opportunity to have the freedom, the Libertas, to enhance the education of their children in a way that best fits each child’s and each family’s specific homeschooling needs.

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This means that you will have the freedom to determine which grade will best suit your children’s capabilities and needs for specific subject matters.  It means that you have the freedom to take classes a la carte, and are not obligated to accept an “all or nothing” proposition.  It means that you are not confined by the rigid structure of a predetermined class schedule or traditional structure, but have the freedom to build your own preferences that match your families needs.


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As parents and as educators, we understand that the most conducive learning environment for an individual child almost never exactly matches the most conducive learning environment for someone else, even within the same family.  Thus, we strive to maintain flexibility and opportunity that is expansive enough to meet all different and unique types of learning styles.  We know that every parent desires an enjoyable and richly educational homeschooling experience for his or her child, and we hope that the freedom we offer will provide that experience for our students.



Libertas Academy classes meet on Mondays at Conway First Baptist Church (4000 S. Conway Road Orlando, Florida) with homeschool/homework assignments provided for the rest of the week.   Those assignments are then due at the beginning of the next Monday class.

We hope that Libertas Academy can indeed be a liberating opportunity for you and your family! Please email LibertasAcademyOrlando@gmail.com for more information.

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