2014/2015 Schedule

(click on the links for more information on each class)

First Period Second Period Third Period Fourth Period
9:10 -10:25 10:35 -11:50 12:15-1:30 1:40-2:55
Kindergarten/1st Grade Kindergarten/1st Grade Kindergarten/1st Grade Kindergarten/1st Grade
Elementary US History  (2nd/3rd)  Elementary Science (2nd/3rd) Anatomy and Physiology
Elementary Writing and Grammar (2nd/3rd) Elementary Math  (2nd-4th)
Upper Elementary/MS Writing and Grammar (4th-6th) Upper Elementary/MS Science (4th-6th)Anatomy and Physiology Upper Elementary/MS History US History  (4th-6th) Latin and Critical Thinking
Physical Science MS/HS Worldview/Literature Algebra 1/2 MS World History 2 (6th-8th)
Advanced MS/Highschool Writing (US History Based)  MS General Science HS Biology MS US History
MS World History 1 (6th-8th) MS Writing
Preschool (3-4 years) Preschool (3-4 years) Preschool (3-4 years) class ends at 12:30 Study hall $25month per period (K-3rd) $15 per period (4th and up)

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